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Our History

Leaders for Publishing & Distribution was founded in 2002 with the goal of enabling all the students to communicate English easily. Leaders for Publishing & Distribution is one of the first Publishing and Distribution companies in Egypt. Leaders took the initiative in providing the mandatory English skills by means of a different learning approach, introducing Supplementary material covering the four skills -Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing- in the Egyptian market. Leaders contributed in the Egyptian market by providing a stepping stone into the education of very young learners by introducing Phonics books at a very young age – skills that are learnt stay with a child throughout their life-. Phonics provides the opportunity to learn skills that can be used to read almost any word. Leaders Publishing is the sole agent for the Korean Publishers – Compass Publishing, Build & Grow and Happy House- and the main distributor for Oxford University Press in Egypt. Leaders for Publishing and Distribution is not only importing products from international publishers but is also publishing products that are tailored to suit the Egyptian Market.

WhyWe do?

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To guide our students successfully engage in the society through learning. Ensure every one of our students receives the proper relevant curriculum. .


To pave the way for our products to reach the International market and develop innovative learning approaches..



  • Loyalty
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Determination
  • Engagement
  • Respect
  • Satisfaction

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